Welcome to the 3rd International Arabic Women’s Cancer Days & 6th GCIG – CCRN Symposium 2024 in Morocco.

Gynecologic Cancer InterGroup (GCIG)
Cervix Cancer Research Network (CCRN)
in partnership with Pan-Arabian Research Society of Gynecological Oncology (PARSGO)
6th Educational Symposium/3rd Arabic Women’s Cancer Days


Current Global Perspectives on Gynecological Cancers:
Current Sitaution, Clinical Reality and Future Directions
17-18 May, 2024
Mohammed VI International University, Casablanca, Morocco
33 Rue Ali Bnou Abi Taleb, Casablanca


Date & Time Program Speaker
Thursday, May 16, 2024 Arrival Day
Friday, May 17, 2024 Current Global Perspectives on Cervical Cancer: What is the Current Global Situation?
8:30 Registration
9:00 Introduction and Welcome
9:10 The Relevance of Global Networks in Gyne Oncology Jalid Sehouli
9:20 Introduction to GCIG/CCRN David Tan
9:30 Introduction to PARSGO Sara Nasser
9:40 Introduction and Welcome from Mohammed VI Faculty Younes Bjijou, Mohamed Adnaoui, Ahmed Rhassan El Adib, Ahmed Bennana,Khalid Sair, Houcine Barou, Mohamed Dehayni, Adil Elghanmi
Current Global Perspective on Cervical Cancer: What is the Current Global Situation? Chairs: Karima Fichtali, Ahmed Mimouni,David Atallah, Alison Brand
10:00 New Perspectives and updates on Surgical Treatment Marie Plante, Adil Elghanmi
10:20 Updates on Medical and Targeted Therapies: Locally Advanced and Metastatic Setting David Tan, Nermean Mostafa
10:40 Updates on Radiotherapy Treatment Remi Nout, Fadila Kouhen
11:00 BREAK
11:20 Panel Discussion: Current Options, Clinical Reality and Future Directions Mohamed Dehayni, Ahmed Mimouni, Mohammed Achour,Basma Elkhanoussi, Khalid Elkhilfaoui, Sanaa Mejjaoui,Mohamed Fareh
11:40 Thinking Globally: Optimizing Care in Cervical Cancer (Round Table Disucssion) Chairs: Sara Nasser, Andreas Ullrich, Remi Nout
Discussants Zakaria Belrhiti(Morocco), Joel Domgue-Fokum (Cameroon), Karima Oualla (Morocco), David Atallah (Lebanon), Al Covens (IGCS),Selma Gedria (Tunesia), Pierre Togo (Mali), Maureen Umemmuo (Nigeria), Sara Alrubaish (Saudi Arabia), Andreas Kaufmann (Germany), Debru Adissae (Ethiopia), Nermean Mustafa ( Egypt)
12:40 LUNCH Expositions
13:30 WORKSHOPS 1 & 2 (2 hours) Beverage breaks included
Workshop 1: Radiotherapy Facilitators: Remi Nout, Fadila Kouhen, Cyrus Chargari, Naim Asmaa
Workshop 2: Innovative Surgical Aspects Facilitators: Marie Plante, Alison Brand, Ahmed Mimouni, Al Covens, Adil Elghanmi, Mohammed Achour, Saad Benkirane
15:30 BREAK Column 3 Value 21
Developing and Conducting a Clinical Trial Chairs: David Tan, Sara Nasser
16:00 CCRN site selection Adriana Chavez-Blanco
16:05 Patient Reported Outcomes in clinical Trials Jalid Sehouli
16:10 PARSGO Research Task Force- Integrating our work with CCRN-GCIG Sara Nasser
16:15 Break-Out Groups Facilitators: Alison Brand, David Tan, Saber Bouteyeb, Sara Nasser, Jalid Sehouli, Adil Elghanmi
Surgical Trials Marie Plante, Basel Refky, Al Covens, Sara Alrubaish
Radiotherapy Trials Remi Nout, Fadila Kouhen, Cyrus Chargari, Naim Asmaa
Systemic Therapy Trials David Tan, Selma Gedria, Nermean Moustafa, Jalid Sehouli
18:00 Summary of Trial Session and Closing Sara Nasser
Saturday, May 18, 2024 Current Global Perspective on Endometrial and Ovarian Cancer: What is the Current Global Situation?
9:00 Welcome
Endometrial Cancer: Current Options, Clinical Reality, Future Directions Chair: Ansari Chenguiti, Saad Benkirane, Mohammed Achour, Sara Alrubaish, Saad Benkirane
9:15 Update on ESGO Endometrial Cancer Guidelines Jalid Sehouli
9:30 Surgical Tailored Treatment Remi Nout
9:45 Column 2 Value 38 Oumar Camara
10:00 Discussion: Current Options in the PARSGO regions, Clinical Reality and Future Directions Panelists: David Tan, Amal Bouziyane, Sara Nasser, Saad Benkirane, David Atallah
10:30 BREAK
11:00 Hybrid Virtual Multidisciplinary Tumourboard – 2 Case Presentations Chairs: Sara Nasser, Xezal Derin, Basel Refky
Introduction and Presentation of Tumorbard Data Xezal Derin, Sara Nasser
Strategic Alliance Partnership and Training with IGCS Allan Covens
Panelists Volkan Aykac, Adak Pirmorady, Nermean Mustafa, Selma Gedria, Mraihi Fathi, Basma Khannoussi, Fadwa Mansouri, Amal Bouziyane, Zineb Dahbi, Alison Brand, Remi Nout, Narjiss Berrada, Nabil Ismaili
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